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The Future of the Workforce and HR will Emerge at the Intersection of Purpose, Profit, and Privacy.  

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9 December, 2020

5:55 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

10:55 AM (GMT - UK Time)

3:55 AM (Pacific Time)

1:55 PM (GMT +3 - KSA Time)

8:55 PM (GMT +10 - Australian Time)

About PA Forums

The People Analytics Forums started four years ago as the first of its kind in the GCC region. It aims to establish a community of senior HR and People Analytics leaders who want to move beyond static measures in evaluating their business contributions. 


Each year’s event is built around the most pressing HR issues of the time. World renown experts share the latest ideas and discuss ways to harness the full potential of data to empower data-driven HR function.


The Forum is ideal for those working with People Analytics, HR Analytics, Workforce Analytics, Talent Management, and Talent Retention. The annual event provides a platform for an intellectual debate among great minds and practitioners of People Analytics.

The 2020 GCC Forum


The future of the workforce and HR will emerge at the intersection of purpose, profit, and privacy.  

During the 4th People Analytics Forum, our extraordinary speakers will answer two relevant questions: How can we use people analytics to improve employee wellbeing? And what role could human capital data play in strengthening workplace culture?

Are you an HR leader/professional or a People Analytics enthusiast?

Then, this year's free virtual edition is for you!  



1:55 - 2:00 PM

Welcome Note and Orientation

5 mins

2:00 - 2:25 PM

25 mins

Ross Sparkman, Head of Workforce Planning at LinkedIn

Keynote 1 - Leveraging People Analytics To Build A Happy, Satisfied, And Engaged Workforce

2:25 - 2:50 PM

25 mins

Olly Britnell, Global Head of People Strategy, Technology, & Analytics at Experian

Keynote 2 - Challenges Caused By 2020 For People Analytics And How You Can Respond

2:50 - 3:15 PM

25 mins

Richard Phelps, HR Analytics Expert  Founder Of Human Times

Track 1: Linking People to Strategy - How The U.S. S.E.C. Ruling  Changes Everything For  People Analytics?

3:15 - 3:40 PM

25 mins

Amit Mohindra, Founder & CEO People Analytics Success | Former Senior Director of People at Apple

Track 1: Linking People to Strategy - What Everyone Ought To  Know About Building People  Analytics Capability?

3:40 - 4:05 PM

25 mins

Dr. Steve Taylor, Former Global Head of People Analytics at Deutsche Bank 

Track 2: Employee Engagement & Wellbeing - Harnessing People Metrics to Improve Employee Engagement

4:05 - 4:30 PM

25 mins

Peter Howes, People Analytics Pioneer & Thought Leader | Former VP at SAP Success Factors

Track 2: Employee Engagement & Wellbeing - Using Workforce Analytics to Shape Your Organization Culture

4:30 - 4:55 PM

25 mins

Stela Lupushor, Founder of Refraimer.Work.Inc. | Adjunct Faculty at NYU

Track 3: Leveraging Analytics for Diversity- How Can People Analytics  Inform Human Capital &  Employee  Experience  Decisions?

4:55 - 5:20 PM

25 mins

Dr. Solange Charas, Founder & CEO at HCMoneyball, LLC | Adjunct Professor at Columbia, USC, & NYU

Track 3: Leveraging Analytics for Diversity- How Human Capital Analytics  Could Improve Financial  Performance

5:20 - 5:50 PM

30 mins

Main Panel - People Analytics' Role Beyond the Pandemic in Purpose, Profit, & Privacy

5:50 - 5:55 PM

5 mins

Closing Note

5:55 - 7:30 PM

1hr 35 mins

Maven Insights Academy – Learn how to create unique PA DASHBOARDS on Power BI


We are a management consulting firm headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our management team has decades of combined expertise in developing capabilities for growing and retaining a loyal customer base. Since our inception almost ten years ago, we have established a network of reputable clients and partners in the EMEA region.

We regularly partner with our clients in addressing complex challenges that require robust and data-driven decision-making capabilities as well as creating a culture around value-based execution. We see "People Analytics" as an umbrella service category that helps us serve our clients effectively.

We have extensive experience working with and delivering value to large organizations operating in telecom, technology, government, banking, insurance, real estate development, retail, services, chemicals, e-commerce, and transportation sectors.


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